Bamboo Spoon,Fork, Knife Making Projects

Bamboo Spoon,Fork, Knife Making Projects

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Bamboo Spoon,Fork, Knife

Organic bamboo cutlery set includes a knife, fork and spoon, each utensil is hand burnished to a naturally-smooth finish. Unlike other nontraditional cutlery, they won’t scratch plates or leave their mark.This reusable spoon, knife, and fork set is great for everyday use, picnics and more.

Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine

• Name: Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine
• Function: Cutting the bamboo into certain
• length
• Power: 2.2 KW (380V,50HZ)/ Customized
• Main Axis Rotation Speed: 2550 RPM
• Net Weight: 85 KGS
• Gross Weight: 130 KGS
• Mechanical Size: 1100*555*1200MM
• Packing Size: 1080*710*1550MM

Bamboo Splitting Machine

• Function: Splitting the bamboo into strip (with certain width)
• General Power: 3kw-6
• Chain: 20 A
• Main Axis Speed: 1300 RPM
• Net Weight: 850 KGS
• Gross Weight : 950 KGS
• Mechanical Size: 4270*1000*1150 MM
• Packing Size: 4410*1040*1250 MM

Bamboo Knot Removing, Green Skin Removing Machine

To remove knot and green skin of bamboo.

Special Softening Tank for Bamboo

(softening treatment of bamboo chips after going to the knot) Quick opening of 1 meter straight, cylinder length 3 meters, steam inlet, steam exhaust automatic control system

Big Bamboo Stranding Machine

The softened bamboo piece is flattened without cracks and divided into thin slices)

Packing size: 2100*760*1240MM

Further Flatten strip Dissection Machine

Power: 7.5 KW (220V,50HZ)

Saw Diameter Equipped: 200 MM

Saw Rotation Speed: 3500 R/MIN

Feeding Speed: 9.7 Meter/Min

Machine Size: 1200*700*1210 MM

Weight: 590 KGS

Thin Bamboo Strip Sawing Machine

Thin Bamboo Strip Sawing Machine
Power : 2.2 KW (220v,50HZ)
Saw Spec. Equipped: 150MM

Feeding Speed: 9.7 Meter/Minute

Machine Size: 850*950*850MM

Machine Weight: 300 KGS

Bamboo Strip Two Side Planing Machine

Slices of bamboo on both sides of the film are smoothed to make the surface smooth.

Power: 5.5 KW
Working Voltage: 220V, 50HZ
Machine Size: 850*950*980MM

Weight:350 KGS


• Power: 1.5 KW (220V,50HZ)
• Saw Equipped : 1 PC
• Main Axis Rotation Speed: 3000 RPM
• Saw Diameter: 300MM
• Net Weight: 90 KGS
Gross Weight: 120 KGS
• Machine Size:1300*700*750 MM
• Packing Size: 1130*870*900MM

Bamboo Spoon Punching Machine

Power: 2.2 KW
Working Voltage: 220V, 50HZ
Product Entrance Width: 385 MM
Blade Quantity Equipped: 2 PCS on the machine
The machine shall be used with dust collector.
The bamboo strip thickness:Each strip thickness is about 2.2 to 3MM

Bamboo Fork teeth Making Machine 

Power: 2.2 KW (380V,50HZ)
Function: Shape forming of wooden fork teeth Output:5000 to 8000 pieces/ Hour
Machine Size: 750*600*1400MM
Machine Weight: 250 KGS


Name: Polishing Machine

Machine Power : 11 KW

Machine Size: 5700*2200*2200MM

Machine Weight: 3200 KGS

Wooden Spoon Hot Pressing Machine

Power: 10.8 KW (220V,50HZ)

Temperature: 0 to 999 degree centigrade

Pressure: Designed with max. 20 TONS

Machine Weight: 1300 KGS
Machine Size: 1800*1530*1990MM

Medium Type Blade Sharpening Machine

Name : Medium type Blade Grinding Machine

Diameter of Blade which can grind: 80 to 160MM
Net Weight: 150 KGS
Machine Size: 780*740*1450MM
Function: Grinding the flat blade in this line

Steam Boiler



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