Multi Pass Rice Mill 30-20 TPD

3,200,000.00 2,850,950.00

Multi pass rice mill 20 to 30 tons per day capacity

With 220v 60hz and 3 phase line




Capacity 20-30 Tons Per Day ( In 24 Hours)
Power 41.2KW (220V, 60Hz, 3 Phases)
Overall dimensions 8600*1900*3720 MM
Combined Cleaner

It is a combined cleaner, including cleaning and destoning, is a combined equipment applicable for cleaning all kinds of impurities in the crude grains
and stones in the crude materials. This machine is an ideal equipment in cleaning grains, wheat, impurities and stones for rice processing and flour mill.

Paddy Husker

The rice husker realizes the hulling purpose through press and twist force between a pair of rubber rollers and by weight pressure. The hulled material mixture is separated into brown rice and rice husk by air force in the separating chamber. This series huller with rollers tightening by weight uses gearbox for speed change, so that the quick and slow rollers can be as to mutually alternated, the sum and difference of linear speed are relatively
stable and the productivity is high.

Paddy Separator
Due to different bulk densities between paddy and brown rice, also under reciprocating movement of sieves, the machine separates brown rice from
paddy. Arranged Gravity paddy separator in the rice processing can improve whole rice output greatly, also improve economic benefit enormously. Easy operation. Good applicability for long grain and short grain, stable processing property. Low mechanical barry center, good balance, and reasonable rotation, so as to make the equipment stable and reliable processing property.

Rice Whitener
This rice whitener is suitable for milling and whitening brown rice. Independent power, wide selectivity; characterized by high processing accuracy and little broken rice; low rice temperature, good result of rice bran discharge; unique rotary sieve frame, adjustment by feeding gear, rice cooling device at outlet, air pressure device easy for monitoring and detecting, more scientific and convenient for operation. Equipped with different kinds of emery rolls to fulfill the requirements to process short-grain non-glutinous rice and long-grain non-glutinous rice.

Rice Grader
According to the size different of the broken rice and intact rice, the sieves with different diameter holes to separate the rice continuously, so that the intact rice and broken rice can be separated directly. Compact and reasonable structure.The rotating speed can be adjusted.

Electronic Packing Scale
It has the advantage of high calculating precision, stable function, digital demonstration and easy operation. The auto-adapted software has the function of controlling the parameter setup, the self correcting of the fall height, deviation alarm and fault self-diagnostics etc. Wide quantitative extent, high precision and a platform that can be raised and lowered marked it have more functions and efficiency higher.


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